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Shades and colors, throughout the seasons.


Discover the color chart of Knit On yarns, carefully hand-dyed in France, in small quantities and taking care to minimize the environmental impact:

Non-toxic dyes without heavy metals, complete exhaustion and neutralization of dye baths, recycling of water, washing of fibers with natural soap without any sulphates.

New shades will be created regularly, over trends and seasons.


Nature does things well and minimalism dresses up any outfit better than ever. Adorned with their most beautiful natural shades, the Coconut Milk skeins have simply been carefully washed and untangled, to offer you their pretty innate reflections, 100% natural. 


Soft and light, Milky Green is a shade halfway of a pale green and a Celadon mixed with a little bit of milk. This spring color will easily be associated with all classic to daring wardrobes.


Salsa Rosa is a fresh and delicious rose. Its tint slightly salmon / ash depending on the light, gives it a versatile and easy to wear shade. A pink not too pink and not too peachy, just a perfect balance.


The ice cube color. Ice flow is a frosty gray-blue with varying shades depending on the ambient light : a silver tint when it's gloomy weather outside and a pale blue shades when the sun shine. A fresh and classic color, suitable for all seasons.


Irish Cream is a creamy and timeless beige. It has a bright and cold shade, with slight reflections in purplish tones.

The photos were taken in daylight and have not been retouched. Despite the care taken in the accuracy of the color rendering, the tints may vary from one screen to another.