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At Knit On, you will find knitting patterns for all levels !

Do you have any doubts about your own level ?

Here is the classification of the patterns to help you in your choice:



Ideal for starting to knit, basic stitches and simple techniques. The explanations are very detailed, and the pattern is specially written to guide you through your first knitting projects.



You have just learned the basics of knitting, you know the simple stitches and you are looking for a project to practice.



You know the basics of knitting and you are ready to learn new techniques, and to incorporate a little difficulty into your projects to keep improving.



You are comfortable knitting, and you have a good understanding of building a project. This pattern contains more complex techniques, or several simple techniques to combine at the same time.



The most difficult level at Knit On. You are a knitting warrior and nothing scares you !


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